GK Johnson

The Zealots

Camaraderie goes awry between two restless, young men in the political angst of Roman rule over first-century Judea.

“A remarkable story of Christ's Passion from the landscape of Roman rule and the Zealots' diminishing returns where vicious crucifixions and the appearance of one man's reason takes prisoners by storm.” — Karl Wheeler, teacher

“Haunting… Sophisticated writing for a debut author!” — Books For Bonding Hearts

When the future becomes altered for two companions after a tragic event, one joins a radical movement in Judea in which vengeance may satiate his demons. The other's life is forever augmented when he is taken into the underbelly of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Shim'on craves peace, but can he find any peace with his choice? Can anyone predict the outcome of a choice? The right hand skillfully hides a mysterious scholar, but the left hand may discover the secret. Here, we find the illustrated brightness of an adventurous viewpoint from the dark, epic beginnings of the Christian faith.

“No man knows what is in his friend's heart.” ~ Talmud, Pesachim

The readers of Ben Hur, The Silver Chalice, The Robe, A Man Called Peter, and The Mark of the Lion will be enthused by The Zealots

319 printed pages
Original publication



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