James Hay

MRS. MARDEN'S ORDEAL (Thriller Classic)

Ruth Marden was disappointed with her marriage and her husband George whose affairs with other women led them to a verge of divorce, but his relationship with Marjorie Nesbit was the thing that troubled Ruth the most. Ruth feelings towards Marjorie became more severe, after her close friend Charlie Corcoran also fell in love with her. After a party thrown by Ruth and George, Marjorie is found dead. Many are suspected and Charlie is accused, but old family friend Dr. Doyle stumbles upon an unexpected revelation. James Hay, Jr. (1881–1936) was American novelist and journalist, born in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Most of his books are crime mysteries and detective stories, three of which are set in Asheville, place where he spent part of his life, and worked as an editor in the Asheville Citizen magazine. Some of his other detective novels have their settings in Washington, where Hay spent his final years. Hay was the founder of the National Press Club, and had friendly relations with presidents Wilson and Taft.
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