Lifeform Three, Roz Morris
Roz Morris

Lifeform Three

218 printed pages
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Misty woods; abandoned towns; secrets in the landscape; a forbidden life by night; the scent of bygone days; a past that lies below the surface; and a door in a dream that seems to hold the answers.

Paftoo is a 'bod'; made to serve. He is a groundsman on the last remaining countryside estate, once known as Harkaway Hall — now a theme park. Paftoo holds scattered memories of the old days, but they are regularly deleted to keep him productive.

When he starts to have dreams of the Lost Lands' past and his cherished connection with Lifeform Three, Paftoo is propelled into a nocturnal battle to reclaim his memories, his former companions and his soul.
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Frank Jones
Frank Jonesshared an impression3 years ago

Where to start, enchanting, endearing, magical, whimsical, mind opening, can stand alongside some of the best Sci-Fi I have ever read,Bradbury,Anderson,Ellison,Banks,Heinlen....

Jesse V.
Jesse V. shared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading
💞Loved Up

Weird, interesting, Westworld-like story!

Jane Doe
Jane Doeshared an impression3 years ago
🔮Hidden Depths

Roz Morris really is an up and coming sci-fi author with yet another great piece.

Paftoo feels such relief. He is looking forward to night. That’s when they switch off.
The other bods have already arrived. Their skinny limbs look fragile as they drag hoses to their machines. Paftoo parks in a free space and does the same.
Discover an estate that kept its secrets for more than a century – a perfect valley of trees, streams, lakes and meadows. Teach your children about the old countryside. Make friends with lifeforms as they roam and play – cows, sheep and horses, just as they were in olden times. Cruise in your own personal tour car with fully interactive facilities. Try a footpath. Chill out in our five-star cafés. Browse our galleries for the ideal gift – there’s something for everyone!
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