Laurie Duperier

The Endless Path

The Endless Path tells the story of the extraordinary journey of two soul mates who overcame almost insurmountable odds to find each other and to stay together as long as they possibly could. And then one of them died.

It is the story of Gunny and Laurie. Gunny was a chocolate Labrador retriever and Laurie is a person, but those are just the forms that their souls took this time around. You’ve never read a memoir quite like this one because Gunny was not only a dog, but also the co-author. He was able to write his part with the help of his gifted animal communicator, Alexandra, who could hear him quite clearly. The book traces their life together from when Gunny and Laurie met, until his death at almost fifteen years old, and beyond.

The Endless Path follows Gunny’s struggle to survive rare and near fatal illnesses with fierce determination, as well as our amazing adventures living all around the world. It is knowing the edge of death that deepened Gunny’s commitment to life —and his reflections on life, love, relationships, and what it all means are astonishing. Gunny tells us the story of his life, and incredibly, about the soul pact that he and I had made long ago.

While there is adventure, laughter, and tears along The Endless Path, in the end, it is about love and all the amazing things that it can accomplish.
165 printed pages
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