Susan Stoker

Protecting Caroline (SEAL of Protection Book 1)

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    vartika2913has quoted2 years ago
    “I love you, Matthew.” She suddenly realized she’d never told him.

    “I love you too, Caroline. And you’ll give Cookie back his damn Trident. If you’re going to keep anyone’s Budweiser pin, it’ll be mine.”
    vartika2913has quoted2 years ago
    “I mean I’m here for as long as you need me.”

    “Then what?” She asked Matthew sternly. “What about when I’m all better and don’t need you here anymore?”

    “I’m hoping you’ll always need me as much as I need you.”
    vartika2913has quoted2 years ago
    “You need to eat Caroline,” he told her gently. “I’ve made you some soup.”

    “You’re still here.” The words popped out without her even thinking about them.

    “I’m still here. Now, come on. Up you go.”
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