Covenant: The Blood Is the Life, James Lindemann
James Lindemann

Covenant: The Blood Is the Life

Blood-Covenant spans the globe in such traditions as the Native American Blood-Brother bond. No mere contract variation, Covenant is a powerful relationship of a deep, unbreakable Love; yet when God does break it once, He pays the consequences He designed it to have. Throughout the ‘Old’ Covenant, certain elements of Covenant are declared, yet are not ‘real’ – until the ‘New’ Covenant comes, which is not a ‘what’ but a ‘Who.’ Everything changes when God literally comes to have Blood Himself, the result of which profoundly affects the ‘Old’ Covenant. This relationship is eternal and does not become obsolete on the Last Day. If the Bible is written within a Covenant environment, what does the modern Western reader miss that the ancient hearer would naturally recognize? Living in a culture that only has vestiges of Covenant, there is no easy or perfect answer. But the question can be very stimulating.
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