Alice Shermann

Keto Breads

Breads and Desserts are our favourite food but once we are on diet /lose weight, it is the food that we have to avoid. BUT NOT In this Keto Breads & Fat Bombs book.

You will soon discover you don’t need to give up your bread choices! You can choose from healthy and delicious bread, sweet bread, biscuits, rolls, flatbread, breadsticks, muffins, crackers, and more.

You will also have the portions calculated with the nutritional facts listed for each one including the Net Carbs, Protein, Total Fat, and calories. Prepare each of the delicious options without guilt and aggravation of having to do the math!

These are some of the choices waiting for you in Keto Breads & Fat Bombs:

Seedy Pumpkin BreadFlaxseed Bread with Coconut FlourCoconut BallsSpring Onion BunsGoat Cheese CrackersButter CrackersPumpkin Bagels

If that isn’t enough; these are some of the topics you will enjoy:

The Basics of Bread BakingSift the Flour — Or NotHow Much To Knead the DoughWhen the Bread is DoneUseful ToolsHealthier Sugar ChoicesChoices of Flour

These are just a few of the topics covered in Keto Bread. Each of the recipes provided has step-by-step instructions so you can relax and enjoy your new baking experience.

Let's enjoy the delicious meal with no guilt and stay connect with KETOGENIC!
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