Ben Simon Lazarus

ITEM 101

It is a perfect world. Happy. Efficient. Productive. Compliant. Jayden Carter is content to be a model citizen in this vision of utopia, a world where the state has total control.
Work is everything. Life has never been better.
But when Item 101 falls from the sky and into Jayden's neat little backyard it brings the knowledge of another way of life. Item 101 has the power to change everything for Jayden's society, and uncover the regime's deepest, darkest secrets. It lands with an impact that shakes Jayden's beliefs in the regime. If the impact were to be heard across the world it would rock society to its core.
Jayden holds a new and dangerous power in his hands. A power so seductive that could destroy the utopia he has worked so hard to maintain and unravel the very fabric of his society.
Does he expose the government's darkest secrets, and release the secrets revealed by Item 101, secrets that the regime is oppressing? Or does Jayden withhold the revelations found in Item 101, denying his society the knowledge that could bring true happiness. Jayden knows he must keep the knowledge secret or risk triggering an uprising and invite the chaos its discovery will bring.
In this dystopian fiction novel we discover what is important to society, to an individual, and what it means to be alive.
79 printed pages
Original publication



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