Beginners Guide to Healthy Running – Enjoy Your Running, Stay Safe and Healthy, Amanda Whiston
Amanda Whiston

Beginners Guide to Healthy Running – Enjoy Your Running, Stay Safe and Healthy

68 printed pages
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Many people see some runners in their neighborhood who puff and groan as they run around the streets. They look under stress, unhappy and completely wrapped up in their own thoughts.
My experience is that this sort of runner is a very small minority who are perhaps over-exerting themselves. Some people might think they are being forced to do it!
I don’t think they would continue if they weren’t getting some benefit from their effort.
I hope that some of them will read my book so they can find out how to reduce the pain and increase their gains.
I will help you by explaining the choices available to you and suggesting ways to fit running into your daily life with minimum impact and maximum effect.
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Marina Chepurnova
Marina Chepurnovashared an impression4 years ago
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Информативная и полезная книга на английском языке для начинающих и продолжающих бегунов с хорошими советами и позитивной мотивацией.
Читается легко.

Marina Chepurnova
Marina Chepurnovahas quoted4 years ago
It’s important to realize that you will feel some discomfort during the first couple of months of running, especially if you have not been doing regular exercise previously.
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