Maria Carter

Fall in Love with Your Life

The quality of your life depends on YOU! Win over your toughest critic:  your Self-Critic is the culprit who causes overwhelm, self-sabotage, hesitation, and holding back… It’s the loud inner voice of your doubts and fears. Learn how to transform your Self-Critic into your #1 fan! Avoid the time and energy zappers of self-criticism that suck the life out of you. Take care of you first so you feel loved and peaceful, making it simpler and easier to love others and create what you really want in your life. Use these daily Love Notes — attention getters to the Inner Self, to awaken it to create Clarity, Balance, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Peace. Don’t ignore the Self-Critic. Seduce it into loving you! Life is too short. Live it now with the fullness of you and what you really want for your life. No matter what you’ve been through, you deserve to fully enjoy a life you love. Life is so much more when you’re willing to break through blinders about you and what you deserve in life, and when you live your life by nurturing a higher love for yourself. Romance yourself now. Your life depends on it… To let Love in, to let God in, to receive abundance, you must get your critical self out of the way.
504 printed pages
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