Simon Parkin

Hiring Right

Great recruiters think like sales and marketing people: their job is not merely to post a job and wait to see who applies, it is to go out into the market, start conversations, and hunt for the top prospects. And if you want great recruitment in your organization, it starts with having great recruiters.
To prepare your recruiters and hiring managers for this new mindset, Hiring Right presents a model for finding, engaging, closing, and retaining the top candidates and high performers in your market.
In Part One, Trends, you'll discover how recruitment has changed and what those changes mean for the future; how candidate attitudes and expectations have evolved; how technology has impacted both sides of the job hunt—the employer and the candidate—and how increasing pressure on recruiters and hiring managers alike is making the task of hiring the right person harder.
In Part Two, The Model, you'll explore a new way of thinking about and managing recruitment. Simon Parkin sets out an end-to-end process based on over 20 years managing talent acquisition for a number of blue-chip organizations and running the firm he founded, The Talent Company.
In Part Three, Execution, you'll get practical instructions and advice for implementing the model in your own organization.
What you learn by reading Hiring Right will make it easier to hire great talent. None of this is theory or blue-sky thinking. Throughout the book, you’ll see examples—some inspirational, others cautionary—drawn from daily life at the companies Parkin has worked with. Hopefully, you will find yourself thinking “a-ha!” at various points, nodding in recognition at others, and highlighting, underlining, and scribbling notes in the margin in every chapter.
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