Bo Karma

A Writer's Life: How do Successful Writers Really Live

 This book is a self-biography about my life as writer. I won’t be dedicating the following pages to explaining how to make money as a writer but merely describe what it really is to be like the 1% in the book industry, how it feels and how I spend my days.

One thing is to want to write a book and another, completely different, is to want to be a full-time writer. Very few people can do that. To be more precise, only 1% of the millions of writers in the world can claim to be writers as a full-time job.

Furthermore, less than that 1% will ever admit how their life is really like. Some of them talk about money, the topic everyone always wants to hear but almost none really talks about what it means to be a full-time writer.

I’ve been a full-time writer for the past four years of my life. I can positively say that it is a dream that became a reality, as much as I can say that it didn’t really chance much of who I am or my lifestyle. In fact, to be a full-time writer brings new challenges to our life, most of them unexpected.

In the following chapters, I describe how it feels to live as a young writer, how it feels to have such career and freedom, but also my honest thoughts and insights about it.

Although what is here written doesn’t apply to all the writers in the world, or even all the writers within the top 1%, it does reflect the life of the majority, and likely a life they don’t like to talk about. And yet, these words reflect the truth of what it is to live like a writer, even though, nonetheless, it is indeed a book about my own life.
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    Pavelhas quotedlast year
    when I write what I know, people praise, respect me, and pay me money. When I talk the same things, or much less than that, people think I'm insane, laugh and I never see them again.
    Mikie Joneshas quoted3 years ago
    Hard work sounds bullshit to 99%. Following the previous insight, most people don't believe in hard work. So they never assume that success requires work.
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