Brian Herbert,Jan Herbert


From a New York Times–bestselling author, an ecological thriller about human animal hybrids battling to rescue the ocean from environmental impact.
In 2024, Earth is consumed by a great War of Ocean Liberation: a military force of sea creatures attacks naval installations, shuts down shipping lanes and fishing operations, and destroys offshore oil-drilling rigs. Huge blue whales, sharks, dolphins, and even monstrous creatures thought to be extinct—all strike with ferocity and surprising strength.
The marine armada is led by hybrid, transformed humans who call themselves Sea Warriors, ocean-rights zealots who can swim to the deepest regions of the sea and live off the bounty of the waters. Their commander, Kimo Pohaku, announces his startling intention: The complete liberation of the seas from human control.
Finally, the ocean is fighting back, but it might be too late . . .
625 printed pages
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