Maureen Reynolds

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

As war still rages across Europe, the family continues to face up to the challenges and hardships each new day brings. Rosie is having a difficult pregnancy. Johnny has fallen and fractured his skull on a trip to Orkney with the Home Guard. Meantime, Ann Neill is looking forward to meeting up with Greg when he gets a 48-hour pass and a much-needed break from his war work at Bletchley Park. But Ann soon realises that she and Greg are drifting apart and she starts to suspect that he has met someone else. When the war finally ends, Danny does not return. They think they see him on a cinema newsreel one day but are devastated to discover from the Red Cross that the man in the film has died. Then, when Grandad becomes ill, it seems that the family are to be in crisis once again. In The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow, Maureen Reynolds concludes her compelling story describing the trials and tribulations of working-class life in the close-knit community of wartime and post-war Dundee.
361 printed pages
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