Jeffery Deaver

Lincoln Rhyme

The New York Times–bestselling author reflects on the life and career of his character, NYPD forensic scientist Lincoln Rhyme, in this short story.
The line between the disabled and the non-disabled is shrinking. Computers, video cameras, high-definition monitors, biometric devices and voice recognition software have moved my life closer to that of somebody who’s fully able bodied, while the same technology is creating a more sedentary, house-bound life for those who have no disability whatsoever. From what I’ve read, I lead a more active life than a lot of people nowadays.
Winner of multiple awards including the Edgar Grand Master, Jeffery Deaver presents a tale and a brief biography of the quadriplegic crime-scene expert who provides his services to the New York Police Department—as well as federal and international law enforcement—from his well-equipped home lab on Central Park West . . .
“The master of ticking-bomb suspense.” —People
“Rhyme is a great character.” —San Francisco Chronicle
“The Lincoln Rhyme series is simply outstanding.” —San Jose Mercury News
“[Rhyme] is among the most brilliant and vulnerable of crime fiction’s heroes.” —New York Post
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