André Tandeta

Samba on drum set

The purpose of this book is to develop coordination and reading ability using the language of samba.

To play samba on a drum set is a challenge for all drummers.

There is the physical difficulty of execution plus the necessity of special attention in order to coordinate the different sounds produced. Without refined coordination, the samba becomes 'rigid', lacking in swing and groove. Swing, or groove, is exactly the combination of fluidity with stability, and these two characteristics depend entirely on the precision between the various sounds being produced using both the hands and feet.

Since the drum set, an instrument created in the USA, arrived in Brazil it's been used to play our favourite national rhythm, the samba. From a sound that was traditionally played by several percussionists, the way to play samba on the drum set was defined, allowing a single musician to perform several percussion instruments simultaneously. From this attempt to recreate what the percussion instruments played, a polyphonic language was developed, with the feet executing ostinatos.
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