Laura Lovecraft

Mom, I Want You To

Luke's mom used to dress and act very proper. So much so that his father left her because he claimed she never gave him what he needed.
But lately Luke's mom has been dressing provocatively and been very outgoing.
Luke isn't sure he likes his mother's new sense of fashion as not only does he see other young men checking her out, but he has taken a little more notice of her body than he should.

Mom claims her new look and attitude are the result of a new CD she bought that helps people lose their inhibitions and act on their desires. In Mom's case those inhibitions are sexual in nature, and she feels she is ready to have some fun.

Luke thinks the tape is stupid, but agrees to listen to it with his mother one night to humor her.

Luke doesn't know it yet, but he is in for one hell of a surprise when he finds out what his mother really wants!
52 printed pages
Original publication



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