Charity Brandsma

Into the Light

An entire kingdom destroyed. An entire race, hunted. And an entire land, dying.

This final piece to the Legends of the Ancient Spring Duology will bring you to your knees. 

The land is dying. Mix-bloods are hunted. And Michale'thia must run for her life, searching for a way to save the refugees of the land and make sense of all she once knew.

While Syra grows her in own understanding of the Magic within her, she feels an undeniable pull by the Ancient Magic to the Unmade land, where she must journey in hopes of finding something that can save the growing refugee population from destruction.

As new love interests grow and pasts are exposed, will Syra, Michale'thia, Enith, Belick and Luik find a way to save their land, or will the spreading darkness devour them all?
275 printed pages
Original publication



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