The Seven Chakra Sisters, Linda Linker Rosenthal
Linda Linker Rosenthal

The Seven Chakra Sisters

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Each of us have 7 major energy centres or chakras located along the spine. The chakra theory/energy healing theory is based upon the idea that if you sort out your chakras, if they are balanced properly, you will be healthier and happier. This teaching fable is an easy-to-use tool for beginners and experienced practitioners of the healing arts. It teaches the principles of energy healing through an imaginary tale that is fun, accessible and mildly zany. Rosenthal introduces us to the chakras as if they were seven sisters: Aneeda, the Needy One, the root chakra (color red Ivanna, the Wanting One, the sacral chakra (orange) Ahafta, the One who Has to, the solar plexus chakra (yellow) Iluvya, the Loving One, the heart chakra (green) Singya, the Expressive One, the throat chakra (blue) Useeme, the All-Seeing One, the third eye chakra (indigo) Iamone, the One of Oneness, the crown chakra (violet) Through her droll exploration of the personalities and relationships of these chakral siblings, Rosenthal concretely explores how the chakras affect health and well-being. The bottom line is this: Get to know the 7 sisters and you will achieve optimal physical and emotional health.
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