E.M. Reapy

Red Dirt

A group of young Irish migrants leave a man called Hopper for dead on an outback road in Australia. They barely know him; no-one will miss him in their world of hostels, wild nights on cheap wine and grinding work on isolated farms.
In this powerful novel about the discovery of responsibility, three young people – Fiona, Murph and Hopper – flee the collapse of their country's economy. In the heat and endless spaces of Australia they try to escape their past, but impulsive cruelty, shame and guilt drag them down, and it is easy to make terrible choices.
274 printed pages
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Head of Zeus
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Head of Zeus
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  • Esme Barrigahas quotedlast year
    ‘Because his English is poor?’
    ‘I can’t listen to that.’
    I flicked a glance at the tattoos written in

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