Velma Osborne

Autobiography of Dr. Velma Osborne

At the time of my upbringing there was not any President Barack Obama or his fabulous, intuitive wife whose healthy food programs brought her fame because it fought obesity in school children. No, but I am glad that I have arrived in spite of past awful racial discrimination.   As a New York City Harlem child in the late 40's, 50's and early 60's, I went from having an extremely poor self-image as a child to later becoming a very happy middle aged, as well as a progressive new senior citizen. Oh, did I forget to mention additionally I had a congenital condition that caused other snags in my life.  Likewise, I was able to overcome that hindrance as an adult!    My noteworthy trip through life which is inclusive of attainment of college degrees is told in order to motivate you and you and you. Other even more important Christian accomplishments are communicated within the constraints of time so that today's immense changes can be understood.
These flashbacks in my life are geared for the readings of older teenagers and adults in all walks of life.  It many times can be used as a fast reading supplement for text books used in High Schools, Private and Parochial Schools as well as a fast reading delight on College Campuses and Seminaries.  Baby Boomers will definitely get a lot out of reading this book.  They can take a trip down memory lane and discuss the impact that the 40's, 50's and 60's, had on them and others. My book attaches history to a person making its effects much more tangible.  It gives revelation knowledge about a fraction of past history that hindered great masses of people in our nation. This time passage is experienced through the trails in the life of one individual and her family. That is Velma Forde Osborne. It is now my pleasure to share it with you.
30 printed pages
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Velma Osborne



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