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Len A.Doust

Perspective Drawing for Beginners

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The amateur artist faces many challenges. To Len A. Doust, perspective is by far the most problematic. With his trademark humor, the author/artist turns his expert eye toward that &quote;dreaded, horrid word.&quote; In a clearly written how-to guide on mastering the art of perspective, he carefully:• describes the roles of lines, boxes, and circles• provides shortcuts for visualizing shapes and forms• incorporates thirty-three plates of helpful illustrationsOne of the most concise introductions available for beginners, this practical volume will be an important addition to any artist's resource library.
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  • b2468058407shared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Машаhas quoted8 years ago
    The simple rule is: Every line above the eye level and going away from you, i.e., not parallel with your eyes nor upright, must slope downwards and every such line below the eye level must slope upwards. Also all lines parallel and in perspective meet at the same point on the eye-level line.

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