Lance Izumi,Mia Giordano

A Kite in a Hurricane No More

In A Kite in a Hurricane No More, you will read three different stories that intertwine to form a larger narrative than typically found in an autobiography.

The first shares the challenges and ultimate triumph of Mia Giordano, a young woman with serious learning disabilities that conventional schools could not help. Her parents' ability to choose a nonconventional education option resulted in a life-changing metamorphosis.

The second is a scientific journey into the mysteries of the brain. Advanced research shows that the brain is changeable and ever changing. Yet traditional schools fail to incorporate research to adapt and help students with learning disabilities. But there are proven programs that incorporate the latest research and Mia benefitted from one such program.

The last is about public policy and why parents need to have educational choice options that meet the needs of their children. School choice has been a key to Mia's life success. Equity demands that the options available to her should be available to millions of other kids who would benefit from greater school choice.

These intertwined stories converge to tell a larger and greater story of what the future of education in America could and should be.
138 printed pages
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