Foul Deeds in Islington, John Eddleston
John Eddleston

Foul Deeds in Islington

Foul Deeds in Islington takes the reader on a sinister journey through a selection of the most shocking and revealing murders committed in this part of north London during the last two centuries. Killers of all kinds are recorded here, from the coolest and most calculating of criminals to ill-starred individuals who struck out in passion or despair or anger. John Eddleston recounts their notorious stories in forensic detail. Police-killers Thomas Cooper and Ronald Marwood feature in his book, along with the child-killer Celestika Somner, the poisoner George Chapman, the witchcraft-murderer Kayode Orishagbemi and, of course, most famous of all, Kenneth Halliwell who killed playwright Joe Orton in their flat in Noel Road. In addition to these celebrated cases, several less well-known but equally compelling murders are reconstructed. They give a shocking insight into the dark side of Islington s recent, sometimes gruesome, history.
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