Loren D.Estleman

Roses Are Dead

Hit man Peter Macklin battles divorce attorneys, mobsters, and hired assassins in this action-packed, hard-boiled thriller
For years, Donna ignored the guns in her husband’s safe, his long hours, and all the cash he couldn’t possibly have made as an “efficiency expert.” But finally she was forced to admit that Peter Macklin is a killer for hire. Donna wants a divorce, and she wants to take her husband for all he’s worth. But she won’t get a penny if he’s dead.
Macklin, who recently cut ties with the mob, is leaving his divorce attorney’s office when he’s attacked. Quick thinking saves his life, but the Detroit mob has turned on him, and they’ll keep sending assassins until Macklin is put in the ground. He’ll have to kill like never before—or this hit man won’t live to make his first alimony payment.
This riveting thriller from three-time Shamus Award–winning author Loren D. Estleman features one of the most redoubtable antiheroes in hard-boiled crime fiction.
Roses Are Dead is the 2nd book in the Peter Macklin Thrillers, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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