The Will Of God, Robert Weltman
Robert Weltman

The Will Of God

Sooner or later, we all come to a place in life where we question our purpose, examine our existence, and wonder what’s next. In The Will of God: Bringing My Children Home, author Dr. Robert Weltman shares about the interfering factor; that we operate from two minds. The human mind of this world that causes sickness, fears, worries and anxiety and the divine mind that brings wellness, love, peace and joy. Weltman reveals the framework of how to receive the healing necessary to function from your divine mind and provides insights into the issues and problems God can help us solve through prayer and meditation. He shows you how to be attuned to God’s will so that you live in peace, love and joy while still in this world. “This book is spiritual elevation at its best, written by a sincere man who truly believes that divine connection is the most important thing.” —Frank Truatt, General Manager of WTBQ Radio Station, New York and Host of The Frank Truatt Morning Show
82 printed pages
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