Overall the lecturer attacks the credibility of the writer's sources in order to disprove
The lecturer argues that Avery took a much shorter route
The author cites that in 2005 explorer Tom Avery
the lecturer goes further in stating that
Though the author discusses
The lecturer attempts to discredit this conclusion by attacking the credibility of the society
The author argues that
The lecturer sets out to discredit these
The author claims that Peary was the first person to reach
The lecturer and author disagree on
The lecturer feels
The writer feels that
The writer and the lecturer disagree on the merits
The lecturer disagrees, stating that
The writer believes music education is
In addition the writer feels
The writer also claims that
The lecturer disagrees by citing
In fact, there are several strong arguments that suggest that music education would be better to be left to the parents as a private matter rather than burdening taxpayers with its costs.
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