Donald B.Carroll

Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism

    Amy Sapanhas quotedlast year
    The shapes of the arc and the triangle are some of the most basic forms in two-dimensional geometry. The arc is a simple curve that we see formed in a rainbow or a tunnel through which we pass. It is an arc that creates a section of the path of a celestial object on its journey through the heavens. The triangle is the simplest polygon—three closed sides defining an area. It is a shape that is intrinsic to all other polygons. We see triangles every day in the roof shape of many of our homes and the supporting structures of numerous bridges we pass over. The curve (arch) and triangle are fundamental building blocks in architecture used for their strength and simplicity. They also are found in the core of biology and the fabric of the universe. The archetypes of the arc and triangle with their power and straightforwardness also exhibit themselves in religious and mystical symbolism throughout the world in various ages
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