Joan Aiken

Mice & Mendelson

The hilarious adventures of an elderly pony named Mr. Mendelson and his 2 piano-playing field mice friends 
In a wild, remote place called Midnight Park, there lives an elderly Orkney pony named Mr. Mendelson. He is only 3 feet tall, is black all over, and has a big, handsome head. For years, Mendelson has been ridden by Sam, who is now old enough to go away to boarding school. But before he leaves, Sam asks his grandfather to buy Mendelson a piano. Not for Mendelson, because everyone knows horses can’t play the piano, but for Mendelson’s friends Gertrude and Bertha—2 talented field mice who were taught to play by a musician who lives in the park. Delighted when the piano is placed under a large oak tree, the mice promise Mendelson a concert at 6 p.m. every night.
With 7 enchanting tales, Mice & Mendelson takes readers into the rich world of these farmyard friends. In 1 story, the old pony gets a bad case of the hiccups. In another, he learns to tell time with the help of Gertrude and Bertha, who wind his watch every day. In further adventures, Mendelson saves the moon from drowning in the pond and the village Christmas trees from being stolen. But what Mendelson really wants is to learn how to fly, and surprisingly his wish almost comes true—no thanks to the wicked ways of the scheming gipsy Dan Sligo!
This ebook features illustrations by Babette Cole and a personal history of Joan Aiken including rare images from the author’s estate.
162 printed pages
Original publication


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