Kimberly Adams

Understanding Stacey

School's out, and Emily's ready to enjoy a long, lazy summer relaxing by the pool…until she finds out her family's expecting a visit from her exceedingly weird cousins, including Stacey, the weirdest of them all. She's snobby and critical, obsessed with art and music, and even more obsessed with God. How can she place so much trust in God when He couldn't even keep her from needing a wheelchair?
Emily has no interest in spending time with Stacey, let alone sharing a room with her, but news that Aunt Jaycee has something called Munchausen syndrome by proxy and might have been making her daughters sick on purpose, forces Emily to see Stacey in a new light.
Emily will have to sift through her assumptions and agitation if she wants to understand the real Stacey, and by the end of the summer, she might find that weird Stacey has a lot to teach her about family, friendship, and faith.
74 printed pages
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