Lee Davis


Bespoke: A Collection of Short Stories for the Solitary Traveler, written by Lee Davis is a dynamic collection both heartbreaking and heartwarming. This commentary on the human condition is disarming, daring and unexpectedly cathartic. There are enough reflections for a novel expressed in so few pages. Immediately the reader is drawn into these worlds of brooders, dreamers, fighters and lovers. The stories take place all over the globe. Los Angeles, Paris, Russia, Brooklyn and beyond create the landscape for this roller coaster ride of revelation. From a high powered, award winning, Hollywood elite to not so up and coming, starving, passionate artists and Hooverville residents to faded has been’s and brilliantly talented no ones, among many beautiful others, it’s uncanny how Mr. Davis can make the connections on such an emotional level that leave the reader feeling a bond with people and places they have never before encountered. Terence Rattigan meets James Baldwin in these pages of joy, pain, façade and verity. Davis’ voice is familiar, engaging, sexy and encompasses the longing we all can relate to as part of this race we call human. An exemplar of the short story, Bespoke transcends class, geography, sex, race, religion and creed. A must read for anyone who feels inspired, cheated or shattered by life. — Halcyone Hurst

These are stories borne from the inspiration of a lifetime of adventure, travel abroad, and through cities near and far. As a storyteller I look to engage people, to ask them to care about a character, one minute at a time. Short stories are such a different medium. I was so excited by the opportunity to put some of my ideas down on paper and see how these characters would live and breathe in the space of a book, as opposed to the darkness of a theater. I found the process liberating and hope people will enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. -Lee Davis
131 printed pages

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