Rainbow Chang

Waiting for Messiah

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The pandemic of the 2020 Easter season has been seen as transformative for human life. However, the transformation that modern science will bring into human life is even more fearfully exciting in the big picture of human history. The pandemic triggered a deep urgency in the author to question the Easter story in light of frontier science. When death is near us, we often think more about life and truth and are filled with the urge to experience them both.
In the Christian story, God was born, died, and was resurrected on earth; ascended into heaven from earth; and will bring the kingdom of God on earth. What will be the continuation of our Easter story if the earth is no longer our home? What's the real meaning of the resurrection of the dead in his return if modern science has achieved everlasting life before his return?
In this book, the questioning of truth is blended with a deep faith in the truth. It shows that waiting for the Messiah is not a stilled life putting the future on pause but a dance of life. For the characters of this book, the dance of life in lockdown in a small town did not block their awareness of hunger, violence, and injustice happening in the world or limit their vision for the kingdom of God. That could be said about millions of lives at the time of Easter 2020, as millions of people have given their lives for others. Remembering the Easter of 2020 is remembering you.
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