Margaret Turner Taylor

I Will Fear No Evil

The Basque town of Guernica was attacked from the air by Nazi Germany's Condor Legion on April 26, 1937. I Will Fear No Evil begins on that infamous and terrible day. This World War II thriller, set in neutral Portugal, tells the story of courageous heroes who defy the evil that threatens to overwhelm their lives. Maximillian Boudreaux, who faced death in Traveling Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, takes his revenge on the Nazis in this compelling and complex historical novel. Romance and tragedy surround Americans Emerson and Peter Mullens as they make the Palacio Quinta da Bacalhoa their home. You will share the joy and the heartbreak of these turbulent times. You will be inspired, as patriots from Britain, the United States, and Portugal join forces to smuggle Jewish orphans out of Vichy France to safety at Bacalhoa and on to freedom in America.
377 printed pages
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