Emma Calin

Seduction of Taste

Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance….. Hot Food?

'Seduction of Taste' is the companion cookbook for the hot action romance novel 'Dynasty'. It contains a total of thirty-one illustrated recipes from appetizers and main courses to suggestions for sandwich fillings at a traditional afternoon tea. Late night suppers and romantic meals for two.

Food is the music of love. It sets the tone and the pace. It provides those moments when tastes and textures shared at the table form a metaphor for the physical appetites of love and lust.

As tough girl cop Shannon abandons herself to love with a sexy aristocrat. Many meals are shared. From the finest cuisine fit for royals, to the big power passion patrol fuel served in police canteens, 'Seduction of Taste' gives you the recipes. You won't want to put the novel down.

With this cookbook you can tickle your taste buds as Emma Calin's full on total romance tickles your mind. If it touches the lovers' lips in the story, you can experience that moment with a meal cooked for your own special lover, be they a cool cucumber or a passionate pepper.

Read the romance, feel the passion, taste the love!

˃˃˃ Illustrations and detailed descriptions

Emma has cooked and photographed each dish with the same verve with which she writes. Take your recipes into the kitchen and follow the instructions in a clear format.

˃˃˃ Easy to Navigate

Each recipe is linked back to the table of contents so you can easily find your way to other recipes in the book — start with an appetizer, move on to a main course and finish with a dessert.

˃˃˃ Links and quotes from 'Dynasty'

Each recipe is referenced to the chapter where it appears in the action romance novel — sometimes with a quotation from the text and often with additional comments from Emma Calin.

˃˃˃ Be careful, the plates are hot!

Scroll up and grab a copy today — taste the passion tonight!

The complete Passion Patrol Series:

Seduction of Taste
Seduction of Dynasty Plus — Gourmet Bargain Book Bundle Edition

Coming Summer 2019: Power

Coming Autumn 2019: Desire
107 printed pages
Original publication



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