Anna Austin

Spanking The Maid

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You would do anything I told you? Absolutely anything?”
“Of course, Sir. After all, I’m the maid and you’re the master.”

Emma is not a very good maid. Ungainly and accident prone, she's summoned before her master Lord Fanshawe expecting to be dismissed from his service. But it seems His Lordship has another kind of discipline in mind, and soon innocent Emma is thrust into a thrilling new world of pain and pleasure.

Will a mere spanking satisfy his Lordship? Or will he feel the desire to punish his maid further, perhaps until she can take no more?


“Now, Emma. You're a good girl. I knew that the first time I saw you. A good, obedient girl, with a nice round arse and big juicy titties. A good girl, but it would seem a bad maid. So, you must be disciplined. Before I begin though, I want you to promise me one thing. Whatever I ask of you, you will obey. Will you make that promise?”

I thought about it, and made a quick decision. After all, I was already bent over, my bottom bared for him, about to be given a spanking. What more could he ask of me?

“Yes, Sir,” I confirmed. “I will obey you.”

“Good. Now face forward.”

I did as he asked. My palms were sweaty, and I could feel them slipping on the varnished wood of the desk. I closed my eyes, and waited for the first blow to fall.


Pain exploded across my backside as Lord Fanshawe's hand dealt it a glancing blow. I let out a little scream, more out of surprise than anything else. Then the pain began to set in, and I was sure that I could feel a dull glow spreading across my bottom as the skin turned red.


His Lordship delivered another strike, this time to the opposite cheek. I cried out a little louder this time, unable to help myself. It hurt, it really hurt! The skin on my bottom was smarting, and felt like it had been stung by a wasp. Clearly Lord Fanshawe took his discipline seriously.

“Cry out all you like, my dear,” he said from behind me. “No-one will hear you. I had this room sound-proofed. I could spank your bottom raw and you could scream blue murder, but no-one will come running.”

His voice suggested a certain twisted amusement at my predicament, but actually, the last thing I wanted was for someone to walk in on me getting spanked. It would be embarrassing, to say the least.


Another slap landed across my bare bottom, this time with even more force. Tears were now beginning to stream down my face, partly from the stinging pain in my backside, and partly from the humiliation. Half of me wanted the ordeal to be over, as quickly as possible.

And yet…

Mixed in with the pain and humiliation, there was something else. A certain…excitement. A desire, perhaps, to be dominated. True, the pain itself was unpleasant, there was no denying that. But the thought of allowing myself to submit to His Lordship, the idea that I was his to do with as he pleased — well, that perhaps made up for the pain.
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