Urban Bad Boys Erotic Bundle, Aaliyah Jackson
Aaliyah Jackson

Urban Bad Boys Erotic Bundle

91 printed pages
These urban bad boys take what they want in this explicit collection:

My Boyfriend The Felon

Jamal's locked up again, and Gina is about sick to death of how much time he's spending behind bars. She's tempted to never talk to him again, but she finds herself unable to let go. When Jamal asks her for a conjugal visit, she knows she should just say no… but her body is telling her yes. Being fucked in a prison with guards watching was something she never thought she would do, but Jamal has a way of making her do things good girls don't do, and she finds herself giving in and loving every sinful second of it…

How Do You Want It?

When Tamika is confronted by her violent ex-boyfriend Malik, she feels like there's no way out. With no family or friends to turn to, she's completely at his mercy and in the hood people just look away when he abuses her.

Until one day, a man doesn't look away, and comes to her rescue, breaking her up with Malik at gunpoint. Yet the hung black stud isn't exactly an angel himself, and even though he would never hurt a woman, he definitely loves to sexually dominate his new toy, Tamika. Will she just be creating new problems for herself as she allows him to take her rough, unprotected, and without pulling out?

My Secret White Baby

Nikki's boyfriend Jordan is taking her for granted in a real way — she's lucky if she can get a word out of him, let alone some love and affection. So when her girl comes to visit, why shouldn't she hit up the club?  Her innocent intentions don't mean much when Jake, the owner of the club, spots her on the dance-floor and decides he likes what he sees. Nikki has no plans to cheat, that is, until she gets a text from her friend with a picture of Jordan getting into some ho's car. A night of drunken, unprotected passion in the VIP is just the start for Nikki though, when a few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test only to find out that's pregnant with Jake's baby!
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