How to Pick Up Women and Talk to Them, Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira

How to Pick Up Women and Talk to Them

72 printed pages
With this e-book, you will learn the ways of women, what attracts them, and what discourages them! Educating yourself is extremely important for success with women. You will soon know how to read women, how to approach women and how to talk to women in order to get them interested in being with you.
You will also learn more about yourself, and how your mind helps you attain goals. You will practice meeting women, you will talk to them, and you will undoubtedly face rejection, especially in the beginning.
All you need to do is learn these basic techniques and use them effectively. Once you master the tricks of creating a connection with a woman, the sexual chemistry will follow shortly. The final step of seducing a woman (and the next step after sexual chemistry!) is to act on the mutual sexual attraction, and is described in the last chapter How to Get Women to Sleep with You.
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