10 Universal Rules of Love – Plus One (second edition), Stephanie Gray
Stephanie Gray

10 Universal Rules of Love – Plus One (second edition)

115 printed pages
10 Universal Rules of Love — Plus One creates space for the reader to have an honest conversation with her/himself about how they love. The universal nature of the rules means that this book applies to women and men no matter what label you wear: heterosexual or LGBTQIA, Gen X or Millennial/Gen Z, PhD or street professor, wealthy or working on wealth, married, divorced, single or in between. If you have the capacity and desire to love, and be loved, there is something in this book for you. This book will make you laugh, maybe cry, but most importantly think. The Rules will lead you on a journey of self-exploration that examines intimacy, trust, falling in love, soulmates, and ultimately how to find your forever love. The only thing it asks of you is to be open to the journey. At the end of the book, you will have laid a firm foundation on which you can begin to build a lifetime love.
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