Mardy Dooley

Who to Trust

An innocent beauty Hannah Burnes has spent six months in hiding from a past that is relentlessly chasing her down. With no-one to trust, alone she must find a way to prove her innocence and free her brother from a framed conviction.Wealthy detective Deklin Routh, with a heart of a hero, knows what he wants in life, until he finds it he is more than happy to remain a bachelor.A chance meeting forces Hannah and Deklin’s worlds to collide but can Hannah accept the help that the sexy detective is offering? Can she trust him with her life and that of her brothers?Together, they must move quick to find the evidence needed to put the real killer behind bars, but the closer they get, the more dangerous the search becomes.Minute by minute as they race closer to justice Hannah begins to question whether she can trust Deklin with her most guarded possession. . . . her heart.
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