Ielts Model Essay Task 1 and 2 – Academic and General, Dominic White
Dominic White

Ielts Model Essay Task 1 and 2 – Academic and General

112 printed pages
This book uses the subject before IELTS with Answers. IELTS for some questions are reused. Therefore, they are subject in all the actual exam, there may be encountered. We read the book, like an experienced teacher in the next person counselling.

Answer any questions about IELTS writing can be found in this book. Used not only for the pro forma book IELTS, English writing on the weekdays and a great benefit.
The most prominent feature of the book is the writing combined with the author for many years to study the simplest and most easy to operate, mentioned IELTS Writing IELTS Writing for the mainland candidates. The perspective of the book from the mainland students to learn from the students' learning process a logical order to explain, to help the reader to first solve the problem of what to write ", then the vocabulary and grammar, in accordance with the different levels of students, given the different levels words, phrases, suitable for a targeted review.
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