Virginia Warren

Let's Kiss All The Lawyers…Said No One Ever

Let's Kiss All The Lawyers…Said No One Ever!
A story of unrequited love! 
This book is written from an unusually light perspective on a dark and otherwise closeted subject — personal discontentment within the legal profession. Virginia is asking us lawyers to take a step back and look at ourselves with a sense of humour and lightness, from a place that others might fear to tread. That said, with serious science and other entertaining stories, she injects the spark of purpose back into those of you that feel like your heartbeat within the legal profession is about to flatline.
Putting the fun back into your fundamentals and using chocolate as her ally, Virginia promises you that what she has to teach cannot be unlearned. You will explore parts of you that have shied away from the light of existence. In a meet and greet with your true self, not only will your clients thank you, you too, will thank you.
Every lawyer should read this book because it contains that “one thing” that a lawyer needs to find to be “loved”. Happy reading and lawyer “heal thy self and be loved”. – Tom Gyorffy QC, Melbourne, Australia.
Virginia’s humour is infectious and life-giving. She has opened the door to a prickly topic with finesse and light-hearted comic relief which we all need as lawyers. Her vulnerability revealed in these pages is courageous. – Dr Victoria Lambropoulos, Barrister, Senior Lecturer Australian National University.
Humour mixed with wisdom … or is it wisdom mixed with humour?  Either way, this book provides much needed smiles and advice. - J. Kim Wright, American Bar Association author, leader in the integrative law
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