Helen Brooks

Bible Lessons

Being happy is subjective.

What happiness for someone may be totally different to the other person.

We are living in a World where there's violence, chaos, misunderstanding and a lot of crimes… and sometimes it's just hard to be happy.   In times like those, be always reminded that you have a source of strength… God. And where else is the best way to find out about it, but the Bible.

Several stories have been written, each has lessons you can get something out of to.

From John, to Matthew, to Luke and Mark. You will never run out of inspiration to draw your strength. Inside the book are Bible Verses if you want to read more about a specific topic.

Like the stories, they had struggles… plateau and after pushing their limits, they succeeded.

With this book, I've written down specific scriptures that comes with a story and a lesson.   By looking closely, and studying it, it draw on me that just by reading, you become happy.

The goal of this material is to add religion, positivity and Bible lessons in one place.
Here are the highlights of the book: The Real Meaning Of Happiness Secret of Man’s Happiness According to Bible The Role of Bible to Achieve a Happy Life We Live to Obtain Happy Living
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