Penny Reynolds

Healthy Homemade Baby Purees

Expand your baby’s palate; make healthy, well-balanced meals right in your own home!
Homemade baby foods are made of the freshest and healthiest fruits, vegetables and unprocessed ingredients to set your baby on the right track towards eating solid foods. You are in control of what goes into it, and it is great way to provide your baby with a taste of the exciting flavors that await her.
This simple and straightforward baby cookbook makes it possible for parents to cook simple, nutritious and wholesome foods for their baby. Contained in this book are over 100 sweet-tasting and easy-to-prepare recipes for babies and toddlers. These foods promote healthy growth and strong immune systems.
Other information in this book includes:
Why Choose Homemade Baby Food
How To Start Your Baby
Food Safety Tips
Storing And Freezing Foods Correctly
Cooking And Preparatory Methods
Various Fruit And Vegetable Blends
And recipes with
• Chicken and turkey
• Fish And Egg
• Tofu
• lentils and tomatoes
• Desserts
• And lots more
Think outside the aisle box! Make fresh, healthy, nutritious and inexpensive purees for your baby.
64 printed pages
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