Meditation, Motivation and More, Mary Havelock
Mary Havelock

Meditation, Motivation and More

53 printed pages
It is pervasive STRESS! Discover how to change your life AND become more motivated. Improving all aspects of your life and self-image is possible once you know how. How can you overcome negative energies? What is giving you is straightforward information in easy to understand:
•Why should you meditate?
•What are some of the specific benefits?
•Learn how to meditate.
•How to control your breathing.
•Discover how to focus.
•Feeling tension escape from your body.
•Can you meditate while you walk?
•How to incorporate music into your meditation.
•How meditation affects motivation.
•Learn how to be more successful
•How to establish goals and achieve them.
•Using sound and visualization.
•Learn how to take your experience to others.
•Quick and easy methods to tame the telephone.
Learn how to change your mindset. So much of our lives are made up of self-fulfilling prophecies. We attract negativity because of our patterns of thought and behavior. Discover how to overcome negative tendencies.
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