Should I Be Afraid?: A Survival Guide For Baby Boomers And Senior Citizens, Judy Hanna
Judy Hanna

Should I Be Afraid?: A Survival Guide For Baby Boomers And Senior Citizens

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Should I Be Afraid? Learn what doctors, nurses, and the care community aren't telling you that can kill you, something that is already killing millions of others. Learn how your risk of premature death is increased by 300%, and how your silence sends a message of approval. The facts are exposed about a country's national embarrassment: the unfair and vile treatment of baby boomers and senior citizens. It is a problem of international scope and concern. Facts that have been swept under the rug for decades are exposed in the new book release, Should I be Afraid?

Who would have thought people 60 and older checking into a hospital for a minor medical problem could be drugged with dangerous chemical restraints without consent or knowledge? You will learn first hand who is committing these crimes against you, and how these drugs can damage and disable you. Could you imagine that six million people die annually at the hands of those in whom they have placed trust, and the criminals get away with it? Seniors say nobody is warning them about how to cope with or defend themselves against what goes on behind closed doors in their own homes at the hands of family members. What if you could know the types of mistreatment that face one in five seniors today, and be armed with facts that could save your life and the lives of others? This book holds the key to prevention, the key to extending your life, and, the key to having the power to put those who violate your rights in prison. You will be able to determine the answer the question, Should I Be Afraid?
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