Veronica Sloan

Don't Tell Mommy That I'm Sucking Daddy Claus

Kaylee's been good all year and she's hoping that daddy will finally stuff her stocking. They've been sending each other photos in secret, right under mommy's nose, but now Kaylee wants the real thing. On Christmas eve, she tells her father to dress up like Santa Claus so she can sit in his lap. He's been a good boy, too, and he deserves something that only a horny virgin can give. So what if she's not on birth control? This dirty teenager won't be satisfied until Daddy Claus gives her a pearly white Christmas. (All characters in this story are 18 and up.)

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

With a curious smile, Cynthia rolled her shoulder against mine. “Has dad been talking about their sex life?”
I blushed a little. “I know they don't have one…”Cynthia ran her fingers through her honey blonde bangs. Her expression said this was a scandalous conversation but the gesture revealed the dirty gossip in her heart. “You shouldn't get in the middle of it, Kay.”“They always fight around this time of year,” I sighed. “More than usual, I mean.”“Yeah,” she sighed back. “My friends love Christmas but I just can't wait for it to be over. I remember the only part I really liked was when dad dressed up like Santa. Wish he still did that, even though it's silly.”A happy shiver ran down my spine. I still hadn't told daddy about my present. “Mmm,” I purred.Cynthia's eyes narrowed to slits. “There's something up with you lately. I've only been back a few days but… Oh, God.” She grabbed my shoulder. “Kay, did you finally do it?”I was so focused on daddy that I couldn't help grinning. “Not yet,” I whispered.“Who's the guy?”“Not telling.”“Tell!” she said. “Anyone I know?”“Santa Claus.”She snorted as she laughed. “Uh-huh. Sure. Is he coming down the chimney tonight to stuff your stocking?”“I hope so,” I said. “Seriously, though. You have to use protection.”I shook my head. “Nope. I want it to be perfect. I want him to feel me giving him everything.”Cynthia clucked her tongue. “That's not an option, honey. Birth control's not enough.”I shook my head again. “You're not on it?” She smacked my arm. “Then you have to!”Our conversation was sending nervous tingles up and down my naked calves. I bounced up on my toes and clenched the cheeks of my butt. “Don't tell mom, okay? I want him to have the best Christmas ever.”Cynthia opened her mouth to dispense more sisterly advice, then her teeth clamped shut with an audible click. She glanced quickly over the bannister again. “Wait a second. Who's 'him,' in this situation?”I shot her a dirty, filthy, naughty smile. “I told you. Santa Claus.”My sister's gray eyes grew into big, big circles. “Kaylee!” she hissed. “Are you insane?”I scooted my butt against her and grabbed her trembling hands. “Please don't tell mommy,” I said. “I just want him so badly.”“This is crazy!” she said. She stared at me, breathing sharply, trying to find the sense in my hungry eyes. “You can't--" She stopped herself and lowered her husky voice. “You can't have sex with dad!”“Mommy won't.”“There's something wrong with you. And if he knows then he's in even more trouble than you are!”I squeezed her hands. “He doesn't know yet. But we've been…doing things.”I didn't think it was possible for her eyes to get any wider. She proved me wrong. “What…what things?” I knew my big sister better than she thought. She was scandalized, sure, but she was insanely curious--in the way that only us closet sluts can be. I didn't need her to confess her own secret crush on daddy. Everybody had a crush on daddy. “If I tell you, will you keep mom away from him?”“Kaylee, there's no way. I won't let you have sex with daddy.” Her cheeks blushed as pink as my own. “I mean, with dad.” I scooted closer until we were pressed right up against each other. The heat of her body felt so nice against my bare stomach and thighs. “It's our little secret,” I said. “He needs it.”
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