Eric Scott

Little Angels

‘One minute Jasmin was standing in her bath, drying her hair with the hair dryer, the next she was in a noisy, crowded room wearing her dressing gown and carrying a suitcase with a faulty lock. It didn’t seem particularly strange, because her life was like that. She could be walking down the street, or across the school playground or running in the gym and the next thing she knew she’d be sitting up in a bed at home, a sick room or, in extreme cases, a hospital.Jasmin was accident prone — or ``unfortunate’’, as her parents described her. They marvelled at times that she’d actually reached the ripe old age of 14.’Little Angels is a light-hearted look at teenagers “on the other side”. Jasmin becomes member of Angel Troop and is one of the clumsiest Guardian Angels to grace the troop, but she manages, with a bit of luck, to eventually to do her job and rescue her soul mate from some sticky situations.
111 printed pages
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