Mela Ells

Tudor Hugger-Mugger

Tudor Hugger-Mugger is a book of death, deceit and love. A tale of passion and peril…1515 – King Henry VIII’s Tudor England is enjoying a period of relative peace but the lives of the King’s cousin Alban, Lord Melbroke and the beautiful Frances, daughter of the Earl of Blean, are about to spin into turmoil and danger. Little does Frances know that powerful, evil forces are plotting to cheat and kill her and her family. Little does she know that Alban’s persistent lust for her, his refusal to be deterred, her decision to flee his advances and make the dangerous journey across country to her father’s estate near Canterbury, will be the catalyst that reveals a horror that nightmares are made of. Little does Alban know that he is about to get more than he bargained for.The stunningly handsome Alban, at first the seemingly annoying cause of all Frances’ troubles, becomes her saviour, risking his own life and saving hers in the process. Lust turns to love as he investigates the evil conspiracy that would ruin him as well as her.There is much hugger-muggery in this story – the Tudor phrase for deeds that are clandestine, secret, underhand. There is romance, too, although both of them fight it.’Tis the last thing either of them wants…
370 printed pages
Original publication


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