Samantha Claire

Redeeming Lies

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Madison Jennings possessed a unique skill exploited by her father. As a scam artist, he used his daughter’s talent for reading people. Her job—profile the mark for honesty.
When her father’s fortunes improve, he enrolls her in Miss Emma Willard’s School for Young Ladies where she begins a progressive education in both academics and society. For two years, Maddie thrives under the tutelage of those who encourage her to challenge the culture’s views of acceptable work for women. This happy life ends when her father suddenly withdraws her, taking her with him on a desperate flight from deadly repercussions for a scam gone wrong. 
On the first westbound train leaving New York, Maddie realizes she and her father are being followed by both the Pinkerton Agency and a vindictive Sicilian family, but she knows little of her father’s crime or the reason for their pursuit. When a heart attack ends his life at a small station in Idaho Territory, she must change her identity, take the money and disappear. On the north-bound train to Ketchum, she meets a young doctor, David Reynolds, on the run from an attraction to a woman he can never possess. He's a man of integrity who values honesty as the highest virtue. Trapped in her false identity by the indiscretions of her father, Maddie cannot risk revealing her true nature, nor allow the attraction to distract her from the need to simply survive. Lies and truths collide in the climactic encounter with those who would stop at nothing to take back what is rightfully theirs.

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