Leonardo’s Handwriting, D​ina Rubina
D​ina Rubina

Leonardo’s Handwriting

474 printed pages
Leonardo’s Handwriting is a romantic morality tale, with an unconventional woman at its heart. Nature has given the heroine, Anna, the gift of clairvoyance, and it is this that determines her singular fate. The characteristic “left-handed mirror handwriting”, which in psychology came to be known as “Leonardo’s handwriting” (since that’s how the Renaissance genius wrote his notes), simply adds to the “weirdness” both of Anna’s personality and the twists and turns of the novel. Is the divine gift of prophecy a blessing or a curse? And how is it possible to withstand the burden of such an astonishing gift?

This is also a novel about love: a strong, noble, tragic love, love, in short, that “is stretched to breaking point”. Here, as well as the classic love triangle, there is another character whose bizarre, platonic yearning for Anna resembles a call from the “mirror universe” that has entranced and attracted her since childhood. The reader must put together the pieces of this “mirror” puzzle of personalities and events in a storyline that falls into place and “comes into focus” like an image in a misted mirror—bit by bit. The events of the book become fully clear only in the very last paragraph.

Published with the support  of the Institute for Literary Translation, Russia
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